Residence Visa

It aims to enable entry into Portugal to request a residence permit. This visa allows the holder to stay in Portugal six months.

Then, having a residence visa'm not considered a resident?

Not. Who has a residence visa is not resident, is only entitled to apply for a residence permit.

I hold a residence visa. Can I be refused permission to reside in Portugal?

Yes. The fact that a residence visa does not mean that the Aliens and Borders (SEF) has the obligation to grant a residence permit. There are other criteria that must be met.

What criteria to consider in the application for a residence visa?

In assessing the application for a residence visa shall take into account the following criteria:

  1. Purpose of his stay and their viability, namely family reunification (the applicant must submit a statement of what the intended purpose);
  2. Livelihoods that the person has to live in the country (as the means by which this evidence can be taken should consult the Regulatory Decree 9/2001, of 31 May, available in;
  3. Housing conditions.

Cheguei always seen in Portugal. What can I do?

At border crossings may be granted, by the Director General of SEF, the following types of visas:

  1. Transit visa;
  2. Short stay visa;
  3. Views special.


  1. To exercise subordinad occupationa:
  • Work contract, promise of employment contract;
  • Proof of recognized qualifications or qualifications accompanied by expressions of interest from employer;
  • Statement issued by the Institute of Employment and Vocational Training;
  • Proof of that is enabled with the profession, when they are in regulated in Portugal.

Pursuant to Art. 59 nº 4 Law 23/2007, of 4 July, defined, by Resolution of the Council of Ministers No. 28/2008, of 15 February, Global Contingent indicative of job opportunities up to 8.500 residence visas for the period 31 January to 31 December 2008. In this issue-including a limit of 200 for the Autonomous Region of Madeira and 130 for the Azores.

For better information please visit IEFP

  1. To exercise independent professional activity or immigrant entrepreneurs:

a) Self-employment

  • Society or contract or proposed contract writing service contract within the professions;
  • Statement that it is entitled to exercise independent activity when the exercise of that profession, in Portugal, is subject to special qualifications.

b) Immigrant entrepreneurs

  • Statement that held or intends to hold an investment operation in Portugal with economic relevance, social, scientific, technological or cultural;
  • Proof that sends investing or having funds available for operations in Portugal do.
  1. For activity investigação, teaching in higher education institution or highly qualified:
  • Promise or contract of employment, written proposal or contract for services or scientific research grant;
  • Promise or contract of employment, or written contract for services to teaching activity in higher education institution or a highly skilled activity proposed.

Note: Research centers, the higher education institutions or other entities, public or private, that welcome highly skilled activity, may refer the documents to the Ministry of Science, Technology and Ensino Superior.

  1. To study in secondary education:

  • Document acceptance in an educational establishment;
  • Document confirming their acceptance by family; or
  • Document of accommodation.
  1. For exchange students of Secondary Education:

  • Document acceptance in an educational establishment;
  • Document of care for family; or
  • Document of accommodation.
  1. For unpaid:

  • Document issued by the company or organization recognized vocational training;
  • Program estágio;
  • Training contract;
  • Scheduling stage.
  1. To study in higher education:

  • Document issued by the educational institution as it was admitted or fulfills the conditions for admission.

  1. To volunteer:

  • Document showing that he was admitted in an organization that, officially recognized in Portugal for the volunteer program.
  1. Under the mobility of students in higher education:

For nationals of third State as a student residing in higher education num Member State and applying for frequentar Portugal em um part of the curriculum já started or complete it with um studies program related.

  • Proof of participation in a Community or bilateral exchange or how was admitted as a student in the United States for a period not less than program 2 years;
  • Document issued by the higher education institution in as it was admitted or fulfills the conditions for admission.
  1. For the purposes of family reunification:

The application for family reunification must be previously requested from the Office of Foreigners and Borders - see the website of the Aliens and Borders


  • Relatives (as defined in Articles. 99.º e 100.º da Lei nº 23/2007, of 4 July) accompanying holders of temporary entry visa or residence shall request a short stay visa after visa authorization of the person on whom they depend, if they are subject to a visa requirement (Consult List of Countries whose nationals are subject to visa to enter Portugal);
  • The relatives of the holder of a temporary stay visa should request an extension of stay at the SEF before ending the visa's validity;
  • The family of a residence visa holder should go to the SEF to request family reunification under paragraph 2 do art. 98.Da Lei n º º 23/2007, of 4 July;
  • The family members who accompany or join them a Portuguese citizen, EU, countries of the European Economic Area or Switzerland applies the Law 37/06, of 9 August.
  1. For retired citizens, citizens living income from movable or immovable property, intellectual property or financial investments:
  • Livelihoods to submit will be defined by ordinance to be published.

  1. For ministers of worship, members of institute of consecrated life or professionally engaged in religious activity:
  • Certificate of church or religious community to which they belong, since recognized by Portuguese law;
  • Livelihoods to submit will be defined by ordinance to be published.

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