Temporary Stay Visa

It is intended to allow for entry into Portugal:

  1. Medical treatment at official or officially recognized health;
  2. Accompanying family members in terms of the preceding paragraph, families of visa holders and family study of visa holders WORKED. To this effect are considered family:
  • the spouse;
  • minor or incompetent in charge of the couple's children or a spouse;
  • minors adopted by the applicant or spouse;
  • ascending in a straight line and one of the resident or his spouse, provided that they are in charge;
  • younger siblings, provided that they are under the supervision of resident;
  • Regroup family members of holders of stay permits, the conditions to be defined in a regulatory;
  • Exceptional cases, substantiated.

This visa may be granted for up to one year residence.

As the holder of a temporary entry visa can work?

In duly justified cases, This visa allows gainful employment on similar terms to the work visa. The previous law did not allow the holder of a temporary stay visa he pursued a professional activity.


1. To or officially recognized medical treatment at the health facility official:

  • Medical report;
  • Proof that the applicant has ensured hospitalization or outpatient treatment in the establishment of public or private health duly certified.

2. For transfer of nationals of States Parties to the WTO to provide services or training:

  • Documents showing transfer of property of the same company or the same group of companies.

Note: This visa applies to shareholders or subordinated bond workers with at least 1 year, that:

  • Are senior executives with decision-making powers;
  • Be specific technical Essential to its business;
  • Aimed receiving vocational training.

3. To exercise of an activity subject of a temporary nature not exceeding, as a rule, 6 months:

  • Promise of temporary employment contract;
  • Declaration of I.E.F.P. stating that the promise of employment contract refers to available supply.

4. To exercise independent activity of a temporary nature not exceeding, as a rule, 6 months:

  • Society or the provision of services under contract with a professional activity independent of temporary;
  • Statement issued by the competent authority when exercising the profession is subject to special qualifications.

5. To exercise an activity of scientific research at research centers, teaching activity in higher education establishment or activity highly qualified for less than 1 year:

  • Promise or contract of employment, proposal or contract for services or research grant;
  • Promise or contract of employment or written proposal or contract for services to carry out a highly qualified teaching activity in an establishment of higher education or an activity.

6. To pursue an amateur sport:

  • Certificate of the respective Federation;
  • Disclaimer endorsed by the club or sports association assuming responsibility for housing and health care.

7. To stay in Portugal for periods exceeding 3 in exceptional cases months, justified:

  • Evidence of exceptional situation (for example, International agreements or commitments - WTO);
  • Service Contract;
  • Certificate of technical qualifications to provide services.

8. To follow family undergoing medical treatment:

  • Proof of kinship ties that justify monitoring.

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