Residence visas

Allow for periods of Stays 4 months with two inputs, in order to apply for residence permit. According to the memorandum of stay, there 7 subtypes seen, whose applications should be accompanied by the following documents:

  • Year of paid employment (employment contract or promise of employment contract; statement issued by the Institute of Employment and Vocational Training / global quota of employment opportunities; Proof of that is enabled with the profession, when they are in regulated in Portugal);
  • Exercise independent professional activity or immigrant entrepreneurs (the company or proposed contract or contract for services within the professions; statement issued by the competent authority on how he is qualified to practice in the National Territory (TN); statement that made or intends to make an investment operation in TN with economic relevance, social, scientific, technological or cultural; stating that sends investment operations or has funds available in TN to do);
  • For activity investigação, teaching in higher education institution or highly skilled work (work contract, services or research grant);
  • To study, student exchange, internship or volunteering (To study in secondary education: have a minimum age and not exceed the maximum age set by Ordinance No. 1079/07, of 10 December; statement of the educational institution in which the student is registered; document by the host family; or proof of accommodation. For unpaid: document issued by the company or organization recognized training; program estágio; training contract; scheduling stage. To study in higher education: document issued by the educational institution as it was admitted or fulfills the conditions for admission. To volunteer: document that was admitted in an organization that, officially recognized in Portugal for the volunteer program);
  • Under the mobility of students in higher education (For nationals of third parties residam status as students in higher education num Member State and applying for frequentar Portugal em um part of the curriculum já initiate or complete it with um studies program related; proof of participation in a Community or bilateral exchange or how was admitted as a student in a Member State for a period not less than program 2 years; document issued by the higher education institution in as it was admitted or fulfills the conditions for admission);
  • For family reunification (The application for family reunification must be previously requested from the Office for Foreigners and Borders);
  • Pensioners, Religious, People with incomes (Certificate of church or community to which they belong, since recognized by Portuguese law; document the amount of retirement).

Immigration Law in Portugal

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