Schengen Agreement

The Schengen Agreement is an agreement between European countries on a policy of open borders and free movement of people between the signatory countries. A total of 30 countries, including all members of the European Union (exceto Ireland and UK) and three countries that are not EU members (Iceland,Norway eSuíça), signed the Schengen agreement. Liechenstein, Bulgaria, Romania and Cyprus are under implementation of the agreement.

The area created as a result of the agreement is known as the Schengen area, and should not be confused with the European Union. These are two different agreements, although both involving European countries.

The Schengen area allows free movement of persons within the signatory countries, without the need to present a passport at borders. Even if there is no border control, citizens residing in the signatory countries must, by standard, be accompanied by a legal identification, as ticket identity. For tourists from countries not signatory, proof of identity is always a passport or, Retain ignored longa, or legal document substitutivo, issued by the immigration authorities of one of the signatory countries.

Countries that do not belong to this space, require Schengen visas.

The uniform Schengen visas allow nationals of third countries who need a visa to enter or transit the countries that comprise the Schengen Area. These visas are called uniform, because its rules are common to all member countries of the Convention implementing the Schengen Agreement. Aim to short stays up 90 particular day and are granted to Tourism.

The long-term visas, regulated under national legislation, may be temporary stay or residence, depending on length of stay and entitle the holder to stay in Portugal for the intended subject: study, phase, work, medical treatment, among others.

The temporary stay visa is valid, as a rule, by 4 months and for multiple entries.

The residence visa is valid for 2 entries and 4 months, period during which the holder must apply for a title to establish residence.

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