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NOW (Immigration and Migration) specializes in immigration, migration and global mobility focused on law, located in Canary Wharf, London, with a global presence dedicated.

We make sure in case of an emigrant from other countries, and the desire for an extension of your visa, that will be done in the best possible way.

If you come to the UK or you go to another country where you need a visa for business, family reasons or pleasure for a permanent or temporary basis, we ensure that you receive your visa in time oo.

(People all over the world who travel to the UK for various reasons, to visit, study, work or start your own business, or in the opposite, that no UK já HABITAM, regardless of their nationality, and intend to travel to Portugal.)

Citizens may also wish to marry or enter a civil partnership and start a new life in the UK, as well as in Portugal.

However, regardless of your reasons for traveling to Portugal, must, first release of the Government of Portugal. Obviously, issuing visas may be required or not, depending on your nationality.

The requirements for a successful entry into entry into Portugal are:

  1. Be in possession of a valid travel document recognized (passport);
  2. Hold an entry visa valid and suitable for the purpose of their visit;
  3. Have sufficient means of subsistence, either for the period of stay, wants to travel to the country.

Legally fulfill the requirements imposed by the Portuguese legislation, are ready to fulfill their desire.)

In addition to this service, IAM is also able to perform other legal functions, providing the best service in harmony with the client.

These areas are:

  • Civil Law;
  • Family Law;
  • Law of Succession;
  • Tax Law;
  • Registries and Notaries;
  • Commercial Law;
  • Labor Law;
  • Inventory Process.

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