In what situations is granted visa-free residence for obtaining a residence permit?

Not require a visa to obtain a residence permit aliens who are in the following situations:

  1. lower, children of foreign nationals, born in Portuguese territory, qualifying for resident status identical to that granted to any of its parents (for issuing the residence permit, either parent must submit a request in 6 following registration of the birth month of the child);
  2. family cidadãos national and national cidadãos States Parties to the Agreement on the European Economic Espace;
  3. those who no longer qualify for asylum in Portugal, because they have ceased the grounds on which they obtained such protection;
  4. those who suffer from an illness that requires prolonged medical care that prevents return to the country, to avoid risk to the health of the individual;
  5. lower, when one of the situations covered by paragraph 1 of Article 1921 of the Civil Code;
  6. those who have completed active military service in the Portuguese Armed Forces;
  7. those whose work in the scientific field, cultural, economic or social is considered of paramount interest to the country;
  8. those who live in de facto union with a Portuguese citizen, with a national of States Parties to the Agreement on the European Economic Area or resident alien under the law (are only considered unmarried couples with residents when they have this capacity for at least two years and when the family member is found regularly in national territory);
  9. those who have not left the country and whose right of residence has expired;
  10. those who have minor children residing in Portugal or Portuguese nationality on which effective parental power and those who provide maintenance and education;
  11. those who have been holders of work visas for an uninterrupted period of three years;
  12. those who have been holders of stay permits for an uninterrupted period of five years;
  13. diplomatic and consular officers and their spouses, upstream and downstream in charge, accredited in Portugal for a period not less than 3 years.

Where can request the granting of a residence permit with respective visa waiver, documents required vary according to the particular situation in which they are and that allows you to be entitled to this exemption.

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